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Top Ten Best Faucet water filters for 2018

You might not know it but finding the best faucet water filter is important. If you constantly drink high amounts of water, you know that it can be a pain to keep on buying water from your retail store frequently, yet you may not trust your own water sources to give you high quality. That is what water filters are for – you simply install them at your taps for a minimum cost, and they will clean your water for years, with the only thing you need to do is replacing the filters when their life ends.

However, with all the filters available on the market, you may be confused at the sheer variety. However, with a few guidelines you can purchase a filter that is best for your needs. This article will give you ten water filters you can look out for in 2018, based on their quality.

Filter modelEditor's ratingImpurities removedLife of filterFilter life indicator
The PUR PFM400H 3.9Lead, Chlorine, Mercury, Pesticides and chemicals100 gallonsYes
The Culligan FM-15A filter3.8Chlorine, heavy metals, sediments, organic matter200 gallonsYes
DuPont WFFM100XCH water filter4.0Chlorine, sediments, mercury, benzene, asbestos, lead, linden, cysts100 gallonsNo
The Aqua Elegante water filter4.0Chlorine, sediments, cysts, asbestos, benzene, lead, bacteria, mercury200 gallonsNo
The InstaPure F2BCT3P-1ES water system4.0Chlorine, heavy metals, microorganisms200 gallonsNo
PUR FM-9400B 3-stage water filter3.9Chlorine, heavy metals, microorganisms, pesticides and herbicides100 gallonsYes
The DuPont WFFM350XBN premium water filter3.8Chlorine, heavy metals, microorganisms, pesticides200 gallonsYes
The PUR PFM800HX premium horizontal faucet mount3.5Chlorine, mercury, lead, pesticides100 gallonsYes
The iSpring DFW13.9Chloride, fluoride, cysts, germs, atrazine, mercury, lindane, lead, VOCs, other pollutants300 gallonsYes
The Brita On-tap water filter3.5Chlorine, benzene, asbestos, trichloroethylene, sediments100 gallonsYes


  1. PFM400H filtration faucet mount – best for removing heavy pollutants

Made by the company PUR, it removes more than 60 contaminants from water, a record unmatched by their competitors. If you are wondering if this water filter is capable of removing heavy pollutants such as lead – yes it does. It even boasts records of removing lead levels of up to 99%, pesticide levels up to 92% and mercury levels of 96%. All of this is because the faucet filter uses the MAXION Filter technology that utilizes ion exchange and activated carbon filters to enhance purification and improve the water’s taste.

The cost is not prohibitive either – the closest machine that can purify water to this extent are reverse osmosis machines, which can get pricey. The water does not taste bad either because the active carbon filters improve the smell and taste of the water, and they reduce chlorine levels effectively as well.

It is very easy to install the system, and it fits perfectly on most kitchen faucets while saving space. If you have an awkwardly shaped sink, do not worry because the swivel head can turn 360o and enhances usability.

The system comes with an upgraded built-in monitor, while the battery life has also increases. The system has three lights that indicate different activities – when it is running at optimal status, when you need to change filters, and when the filter life over. The filters normally last for about three months or 100-gallons after use, though they will indicate to you when they are almost finished.


  • Removes over 60 contaminants from water
  • Has an electronic indicator that lets you know the filter status
  • Easy installation
  • The water has good taste after purification


  • It is not compatible with some faucet types
  • Tends to be pricey


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  1. The Culligan FM-15A Filter – best value buy

This filter takes simplicity to higher levels with its user-friendliness and easy installation, and is compatible with most faucet heads. It is also NSF certified, which means you can trust its components and their quality. It also reduces contaminants such as lindane, chlorine, lead, atrazine, particulates and cysts while giving your water great taste.

The switch is very practical, and allows you to switch from filtered to non-filtered water through its diverter tab, depending on your preferences. The lifespan of the filters is long – up to 200 gallons, though the drawback is that the system lacks a digital life indicator, instead using a sticker for the job. The filters are very useful, but the unit lacks the accuracy of its competitors. If you want value for your money, this is the best filter you can get.




  • NSF certified, so you can trust the filter to do a good job
  • Great performance for the price
  • Easy to install and use
  • Easy to switch from regular faucet water to filtered water


  • It lacks a digital filter meter, unlike its competitors


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  1. DuPont WFFM100XCH water filter – best in dependability

If you desire a mid-range in terms of price but still giving you quality, you should look for this filter. The DuPont WFFM100XCH promises to secure your household water from chlorine, sediments, cysts, asbestos, lead, linden, mercury and benzene, while improving your water’s taste and smell. It is easily attachable to most standard kitchen faucets.

The company usually coats their filters with a unique anti-microbial layer that prolongs and protects the filter life. There is good water flow at the faucet because the filter will not reduce pressure, at least noticeably. The filters may be more expensive than other brands, but the build quality is excellent. It comes with a high protection and high capacity filter, two faucet adapters and two washers as well as plumbing tape.

The drawback to these filters is the lack of a filter life indicator, so you need to rely on changes in pressure or taste, which will indicate to you that you need to change the filters. Nevertheless, it is a good performer that is reliable to remove water-based contaminants.


  • Allows for easy installation and is compatible with most faucets
  • High capacity
  • Does not reduce the pressure of your water
  • Improves the water taste


  • It lacks a water life indicator


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  1. The Aqua Elegante water filter – very durable filters

This is one of the best filters due to its long life. It lasts for 200 gallons, which is roughly four months of intensive use.

It is one of the best for chlorine removal, though it can also guard against cysts, sediments, mercury, benzene, lead, asbestos and bacteria. The filter is constructed using durable, no-leak ABS plastic that is both Phthalate and BPA free to ensure the safety of your water.

What makes this filter stand out is the materials used to make the filters. They use a combination of calcium sulphite, activated carbon and KDF-55, which is a non-toxic, highly purified alloy of zinc and copper. Calcium sulphite and carbon trap herbicides, chlorine, pesticides and other contaminants through absorption, then the KDF-55 traps hydrogen sulphide, arsenic, mercury, lead and other heavy metals through chemical reactions.

The filter is very easy to install and use, being compatible with most faucets. All you need to do is twist, then flush. In addition, they have a money-back guarantee in case the filter is faulty for some reason, so you can purchase it with confidence.


  • Long life filters that are very durable and reliable
  • Easy to install and use
  • The filter changes are simple
  • They maintain good levels of water pressure


  • It lacks a filter life indicator


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  1. The InstaPure F2BCT3P-1ES filter system – best regardless of price

Another faucet filter that is NSF-certified, which means it has undergone extensive testing to evaluate its reliability in filtering chlorine and passed. It not only does this, but also removes heavy metals and inorganic purities.

This is one of the affordable faucet water filters giving you quality service. It may not have all the features of expensive models, but it will not break your wallet either. The features though are practical, for example, easily allowing you to change from unfiltered to filtered water with just the flick of a switch. This ensures you can extend the filter life by not using it for tasks like cleaning windows or watering plants.

It is also very easy to install due to its sleek design, and includes a chrome base with a clear cap.


  • It is NSF certified, and guarantees quality service
  • Very affordable and good performance
  • Easy to install and compatible with most kitchen sinks
  • Good value for money


  • It lacks a filter life indicator
  • It is weaker in terms of structure compared to other models


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  1. PUR FM-9400B 3-stage Water Faucet mount filter – gives the water a great taste

This filter features a three-stage filtration system that removes even the most stubborn of contaminants – with records of up to 97% chlorine, 99% lead, and other heavy metals and chemicals such as asbestos, cysts and mercury. The final part of the multi-stage system is the addition of healthy alkaline minerals to the water such as calcium to make the water not only safe, but taste good. This feature is not common to most water filters.

It also comes in an affordable cost, which means you get value for your money. The design is sleek, coming in chrome, gray, black, platinum and white, though the latter four cost slightly more.

The best aspect of this filter is its electronic filter life monitor, this helps you to keep track of the filters and know when to change them, with the filters having a life of about 100 gallons, or two to three months. Apart from that, it is very easy to install, user friendly, and to extend the filter life, it has a switch that you can flip to change from filtered to unfiltered water.


  • It has three filtration stages that ensure safety of your water
  • It adds minerals to water to make it taste good
  • It comes with a digital monitor that indicates filter life
  • There is a water flow switch for easy change


  • It is not compatible with pull out or handheld faucets


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  1. The DuPont WFFM350XBN premium water filter – packed with useful features

This filter simplifies your life by adding features that are not present in most water filters. It comes with a digital meter that shows you how many gallons of water it has purified. This not only makes it so much easier to track your filter life, but also ensuring your filter is working effectively. You do not even need to worry about the battery power of the digital meter; it comes with a lifetime battery.

Similar to its competitor models, this filter reduces heavy metals and other pollutants, which include mercury, cysts, chlorine and lead. However, this filter carries an extra quality: the WQA has certified the system, so be assured of high quality. In addition, there is a warranty covering four years, so you can purchase it with peace of mind.

The filters contain a special antimicrobial coating that increases their lifespan and effectiveness; however, this will make them more expensive than other models. The filters are also easy to install because they are compatible with most faucet heads.

The faucet head comes in three varieties, all having the same features – nickel, chrome and white finishes. The latter two are slightly cheaper, and the filter has a life of about 200 gallons. It also comes with a water flow selector that makes it easy for you to switch between filtered and unfiltered water.


  • Is certified by the WQA
  • It has long life filters
  • The digital meter allows for easy indication of filter life
  • The warranty is one of the longest among water filters
  • It has a water pressure selector


  • The filters can be pricey, though this is not a major issue


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  1. PUR PFM800HX Horizontal Faucet mount – best for convenience

This is one of the ‘smart’ filters in the industry. It utilizes Bluetooth that sends information to a free smartphone application that tracks your filter’s state and your water use. It can also remind you to change filters when their life is almost over, and you can even order for new filters through the app.

Aside from this innovative feature, it is very reliable, treating over 99% lead levels, 92% pesticides, 96% mercury, as well as other contaminants. One thing about PUR filters is their certification to remove more contaminants compared to other brands.

This filter uses activated carbon that comes from coconut shells, which absorbs contaminants and enhances the smell and taste of the water. As an additional feature, there is more filtration over natural mineral compounds, which adds calcium to it.

This filter will enhance convenience, and is well suited for those that have hectic lifestyles. It may be slightly more expensive than other brands, but it comes with more features and is worth the cost.


  • Allows you to easily track water use and filter life through your phone
  • Water has a great taste after filtration
  • Removes a wide range of contaminants


  • It may be more expensive than other brands


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  1. The iSpring DFW1 – best for those on a budget

If you are looking for filtration quality while on a strict budget, this filter may be your answer. It is fully reliable in terms of its performance – having a very impressive filter rating of 0.1 microns. This means it is more effective than most household water filters, but the closest it comes to is a reverse osmosis system – more effective and more expensive.

They filters have a very long life that reduces the long-term running cost. They can filter up to 300 gallons of water, and reduce levels of germs, chlorine, fluoride, mercury, VOCs, lead and many other contaminants.

The filter cartridge comes vacuum-sealed to preserve its freshness, and it employs a multi-level filtration that has five stages. Stage one removes solid particles like dust, sediments and germs. Stage two removes unpleasant smells, cloudiness and chlorine. Stage 3 removes fluoride, stage four removes heavy metals like mercury, and stage five eliminates any remaining particles and chemicals.

Apart from this, they have very good customer service in case you run into any issues.


  • Long life filters
  • Removes many contaminants including fluoride
  • Very good performance for its price
  • Great customer service


  • It lacks a filter life meter


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  1. The Brita on Tap water filter – budget purchase

It offers you good performance at an affordable price. Do not let its price tag fool you; it still delivers on quality. It does not have the features of more expensive competitors, but it can effectively reduce sediments and pollutant levels such as lead, asbestos, and benzene.

It has an electronic meter on its filters that measures their use and life, making changing them early to be an easy task. The filters last for about 100 gallons or roughly three months of use. Installing it on kitchen faucets is very easy, and it is compatible with most faucets except spray-style and pullout faucets.


  • Easy to install and use
  • It gives the water a fresh taste
  • Has a digital meter that keeps track of filter life
  • Great value for money


  • With time, it becomes difficult to switch it from filtered and unfiltered water
  • Once it ages, the directing of water to your faucet is poor – water tends to come out of different directions, leading to wastage


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Why do you need a water filter system?

Cleaner water

Not all the water you get will be safe for drinking. The water filters are for this reason – they remove impurities from your water, leaving you with clean odorless water that you can consume.


Sometimes, discouragement from the poor quality of your water is easy that you resort to buying water. However, when you buy a water filter system, you get to save money in the end.

It is very convenient

You are more likely to drink purified water and use it on a daily basis, and get more amounts of this water at no extra cost.

You can choose when you want to filter

Most of the water purifiers on the market today come with switches that you can easily use to monitor when you want to filter your water – again, at no extra cost.


Types of purifying systems

Ultraviolet filter

Purification of water using UV rays is the safest option to kill microorganisms like viruses and bacteria, without sacrificing important minerals that are in the drinking water. It is an environmentally friendly method of water purification because it does not change the taste or add chemicals.

Activated carbon filters

These filters use the adsorption method of water purification. When water passes through them, the filter adsorbs harmful molecules that are present. You can use them as supplementary filtering systems along with UV radiation and RO purifying systems.

Reverse osmosis (RO)

These purifiers can filter out harmful impurities due to its semi-permeable membrane. The problem is, it also removes some essential minerals from the water and the water ends up with a flat taste. You can use it if the TDS of your water is above 600 ppm.

What is TDS – this is an acronym for Total Dissolved Solids, which comprises of small amounts of organic substances as well as inorganic salts. For safety purposes, you should drink water that has TDS levels of below 600 ppm. As a rule, groundwater contains higher TDS levels than surface water.

What you should know on water filters

It is important to understand what you want to purify in your water before going ahead to purchase them, because it is a commitment in itself. If there is heavy pollution of your water, then a filter will not be so effective. Here are several factors that you should think of when you want to purchase a filter.

What contaminants are you removing?

Filter designs are to remove specific pollutants. For assurance that a certain filter will remove a certain impurity, the package should indicate a NSF-certification.

NSF stands for the National Sanitation Foundation, and they are a non-profit testing laboratory that develop industry standards. Certified products have complied with the standards of the industry, and it works with third-party laboratories including WQA (Water Quality Assessment) and CSA (Canadian Standards Association).

For past tests, most reports focused on the removal of chloroform and lead, and you can use this as an indicator of how well the filter removes organic compounds.

You have to change the filters frequently

Filter systems all function using the same methods, with water passing through detachable cartridges that have filtering media, for example activated carbon. With time, the filters clog and lose their effectiveness, so this is the time you need to replace them.

Each manufacturer has differing guidelines on their replacement, so follow these instructions to get the most out of your filters. Some filters will come with light indicators to alert you that it is time to replace them, while others begin to filter at slower rates that tell you they are getting less effective.

Know your family drinking requirements

For two people, a carafe or two can be enough, but if your family consumes several gallons per day, then carafe types are too small. Also, factor in the water that you use for daily cooking because under sink and countertop models are capable of filtering large water amounts.

Some types filter water slower than others do

Think about your patience levels – reverse osmosis and carafe filters filter water at the slowest rates, so they have their own scale. Comparing countertop, faucet mount and under sink models, the faucet mount filters water at the slowest rates.

How to select a water filter

There are some guidelines to use when you want to purchase a water filter, and here are some of them.

What is your water source?

This is one of the most important questions to ask when selecting a filter. Does your water come from surface sources like lakes, ponds and rivers, or does it come from groundwater sources like boreholes?

If it is surface water from your local municipal corporation, then the TDS levels are low, so you can boil your water to kill microorganisms and it will be okay. However, if tankers supply the water, there are higher TDS levels that will change the taste of the water and affect your long-term health.

Most companies that sell water purifiers do simple TDS tests. Note that if water TDS levels are below 200 ppm, avoid Reverse osmosis – it strips the water of essential minerals and damages your health. Keep in mind that unnecessary use of purifiers is wastage of water resources.

The required pressure for the purifier

This is important because purifiers need pressure levels of between 5-40 pounds per square inch (PSI) to work properly. This may seem tricky to calculate, but you just see how many floors you live in from the water source. For every 10 feet upwards, you lose about 5 PSI, so if your home has low pressure, install a booster pump that will help to increase pressure, or use a UV purifier instead.

Where will the water purifier be located?

Purifiers need to be near water sources and electrical points with earthing. As a rule, let the distance between the electrical point/water source and the filter be within three feet.

It is also vital to keep the filter away from direct sunlight; otherwise, you can opt for a wall-mounted purifier, which takes up less space.

The filter power source

If you have frequent power outages in your area, choose a water purifier that has storage because the non-storage purifiers work entirely on stable electrical supply.

Storage options

If you get water for limited hours every day or every week, it is best to get a water purifier with storage. In this purifier type, your storage tank attaches to your purifier, which stores the water after the purification process. This is unlike other purifiers that need running water supplies.

Another thing to consider is the pollution of your storage tank. Even if you purchase the best storage filter out there, there are still some chances of contamination within your tank. Consider buying storage filters marked with ‘Bio guards’ that prevent this from occurring.

Your budget

It is important to consider the budget that you have and choose a purifier that contains all the important parameters. If your budget is very low, you can go for those that do a particular job.


For whatever water purifier you choose, you need to regularly change and service the components, and this depends on the water quality, this means that the poorer your water quality, the service needed will be frequent.

Wrap up

Based on all information on the filters, the clear winner is the DuPont WFFM350XBN. Because of its large capacity, certification from the WQA and its 4-year warranty, it is our pick for the best quality, and the water pressure selector ensures you filter the water at your own pace.