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Best Alkaline Water Pitcher –Top 5 Reviews and Buying Guide 2018

Ever wondered how you can neutralize the acid in your body? Well, alkaline water is how!

Drinking alkaline water has proven to be highly efficient when it comes to neutralizing the amount of acid we consume our modern diet which is highly acidic. Alkaline helps our bodies to take it easy by assisting the neutralization process.

Effective alkaline water pitchers will offer faster and easier access to alkaline water. This means that buying the best alkaline water pitcher is critical. However Before buying one here is what you need to know.

What You Need To Consider Before Buying Alkaline Water Pitcher

First! Let’s establish that alkaline water pitchers will offer you low cost; simple, low maintenance means to get a daily supply of high pH alkaline and healthy water. Water pitchers are basically containers that have a lid portion that incorporates a reservoir and filter to hold the tap water.

The tap water you put into it is passed via the filters and then collected at the bottom of the container. Just by tilting the pitcher, you can then pour the sanitized water out. So, how should you decide which design or model to buy?


Size is a huge determinant because the size of your pitcher ultimately depends on how large your family is or whether you live alone, or you have a small family. Most pitchers range between 1-3.5 liters or about 4 to 8 cups, sometimes even more.

You also need to consider the size based on your daily needs, for instance, if you travel a lot you may have to buy one that is easy to carry around every time you travel. If you need an alkaline water pitcher for family use only, then you may get the 3.5-liter size. In all in all make sure the size you opt for can fit in your refrigerator for you to keep the alkaline water cold.

Type of the Filter

In our top five reviews, we will look at the multi-stage filters. These types use anything from special mineral stones, mineral balls and resins to activated carbon. The filter is much better when it has a more substantial total of stages.

Those with a large number of stages serve a dual resolve because they filter the water and also add soluble minerals making sure the pH is increased. If you would prefer a pitcher that will have the capability to filter fluoride, you need to know that not all pitcher have the capacity to do that, therefore, make sure that you check whether the model you are eyeing mentions that feature.

Filter Capacity

Most pitchers have an average duration of between 1-3 months, based on how much water the filter cartridge will treat your water before you replace it. The best thing to do is to get a filter that will last you longer.

Continually buying replacement filters will cost you added expenses depending on the company. Some companies use proprietary filters which means that you are required to purchase the replacement cartridges from them exclusively meaning that you have to uphold their pricing policies.

Filter pH Capacity

Neutralization of the water can only work if the pitcher can be able to maintain high pH level above 7.5. The best models keep the pH level above 9. The water pitcher’s output pH levels are highly dependent on the pH levels that are already existing in your tap water.

Digital Timer

This extra feature tends to be very useful because the timer will inform you if the cartridge is ready for replacement.

Filter Replacement Gauge

A gauge will indicate that their present filter is not filtering water anymore. Since you will not always remember the last time you replaced the gauge or how many gallons you used, this feature will come in handy.


Well, at the end of the day, we always buy what is within our budget. Alkaline water pitchers tend to be cheaper than the alkaline filters. The prices of some are decent and affordable. Look out for company discounts and also the pitchers that you can afford.

This means that you also have to consider the replacement costs. Sometimes you may find a product at an affordable price only to find out that the replacement is more expensive. So carefully consider how often you might require to replace the cartridge and way your options wisely.

Top 5 Alkaline Water

Comparison Table

RankModelCapacity in litresAction
1Wamery Alkaline Water Pitchers (Editor’s Choice)2.0Check Price
2Dragonn Alkaline Water Pitcher System
3.5Check Price
3Lake Industries Alkaline Water Pitcher2.5Check Price
4Santevia Water Alkaline Water Pitcher2.0Check Price
5Claro Alkaline Water Pitcher(Multi-Color)3.5Check Price
  1. Wamery Alkaline Water Pitcher

This Wamery pitcher is certified by a reputed research and trade association, Water Quality Association, in the US water treatment industry. The received certifications by the company are similar to the NSF 372, 53 and 42 certifications. This means that you can trust the quality of the pitcher.

The pitcher is also BPA free, so it doesn’t contain harmful chemicals. It has the LED indicator located on the lid that lets you know when the filter needs replacement. This model can hold up to 8 cups maximum, and it is 10-11 inches tall.

If you continuously use the pitcher, it will require about three refills per day; this means that when used carefully it can use it efficiently for a month. It can even last for two months if it has less use in the household. The company provides an extra filter for free, meaning that you have guaranteed use for about 2-4 months.

You can trust this model to remove the chemicals and impurities in your tap water, including the nasty chlorine smell and taste. This pitcher offers a pH level of about 7-10 on average which is the range required to clean local tap water. It has a capacity of about 42 gallons. It also has some nice design feature for a reasonable price.


  • Company provides an extra filter for free
  • LED filter indicator is handy
  • The pricing is reasonable
  • The filter is certified and are effective for purification
  • The pH level raises by a decent margin


  • The longevity of the filter is short
  • Capacity might be on the lower side for a big family


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  1. Dragonn Alkaline Water Pitcher

This model has an increased capacity compared to Wamery because it has a capacity of 3.5 liters. This means that if you have a large family, this pitcher will be perfect for you. It also comes with a LED indicator and a 7-stage filter. This also makes it superior compared to Wamery water pitcher.

This brand has a solidly designed lid that won’t fall out place when you pour the water out. Despite having a larger capacity, this pitcher will fit your fridge meaning you can be able to keep your water cold. It has filter indicators that will show you when its time to replace the filters.

The cartridge provided by the company is designed to last for about two months. This pitcher also removes heavy metals, impurities, and chlorine when the water passes through the 7-stage filters. The taste of the water is also better.

However, compared to Wamery, it has weak alkaline levels. When you look at the price, the pH levels in the filtered water are disappointing because it is not high. The average is about seven which is not such a bad bud not any good either.

The filters of Dragonn alkaline water pitcher have an increased water capacity and a decent longevity. We also love the solid construction of the lid. However, if you prefer water with high alkalinity, this pitcher may not be for you.


  • The filter capacity is 3.5 liters which are generous
  • The lid fits tightly
  • Comes with an excellent 7-stage filter and LED indicator


  • The pH levels are lower than average
  • Needs proprietary filter cartridges

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  1. Lake Industries Alkaline Water Pitcher

This pitcher also has a 7-stage filter and it is most preferable for people who are on a budget. It is made from suitable plastics and food grade AS that are BPA free rated. It has a 2.5-liter capacity which may suit few individuals and smaller families as well.

It can comfortably fit into the refrigerator because it has a slim design. Even though like the Dragonn pitcher, it lacks substantial pH levels, you can be able to notice the difference after filtering the water. The lid doesn’t fit well which is a downside because the water splashes out.

Lake Industries have a reputation for being affordable, and this pitcher will effectively purify your tap water. It can last up to three months which is a good thing.


  • Has a compact design and excellent 7-stage filters
  • Filters may last for three months
  • Budget-friendly


  • The lid doesn’t fit well
  • You need to but the company’s filters


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  1. Santevia Water Systems Alkaline Water Pitcher

This model comes in four different colors giving you attractive choices. The lid comes with a countdown clock that will let you know when it’s time to change the filter cartridges. The lid makes it easy to fill up water, and the pitcher looks very solid. Since the lid has an auto close function, it is convenient.

However, there have been reports that the countdown timer tends to be a bit flimsy and can easily break down. The pitcher has a capacity of 2.0 liters which may not be the best for a large family or frequent household use. The filter also has a very low lifespan since it can take time out within a month of daily use.

This pitcher will give you mineralized water with vital minerals like calcium and magnesium. The alkaline level is about 7.35, and it creates alkaline line water that tastes better and helps you live a healthy life. It removes contaminants like chlorine, heavy metals, and industrial pollutants and adds valuable mineral as mentioned earlier.


  • The pitcher is available in multiple colors
  • The lid has an automatic close function
  • There is a countdown timer on the lid


  • The timer can be easily damaged
  • The alkaline capability is low


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  1. Claro Alkaline Water Pitcher

This pitch is also available in multiple colors. You have an option of a pleasing green shade, white and blue. The green pitcher easily attracts the eye. They are also very affordable and have a capacity of 3.5 liters.

The filters have LED displays that are meant to warn you when the filter needs replacement. The bonus has a bonus offer where they give you a free replacement when your cartridge expires for the first time. The cartridges by the company are also very affordable.


  • The lid comes with a LED display to notify when replacement is needed
  • Company offers free filter cartridge replacement for the first alternative
  • Come in multiple colors


  • May not fit in the small refrigerators
  • Performance is average compared to other pitchers.


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What’s Our Pick?

There are so many alkaline water pitchers in the market. However, it always comes down to filter quality, capacity, cost and other relevant factors. Our favorite from this list is the Wamery alkaline water pitcher, the design and engineering behind it are much better, and it is NSF and WQA certified which is a bonus.

All of all the five pitchers in our list, this pitcher is suitable for household use in small families and travelers as well. The size can fit in any fridge with large or small. It also has a high pH level meaning that the water will taste better and will also be healthy.

The Bottom Line Is

No matter what the experts say, tap water is not safe to drink! Alkaline water filters are one of your safe options for ensuring that you keep your lifestyle healthy by consuming water free from chemicals and impurities.

An alkaline water pitcher seems to be the cheapest option if you want to jump on the healthy bandwagon. These top 5 pitchers will help you purify your household drinking water.

Pro tip: Getting an alkaline water pitcher could be the most significant investment you will have made to protect the well-being and health of your family!