About Us

Constructing the perfect home is a top desire for many working people in the world. In any case this is the place you plan to spend the rest of your life in. It is a place where the best memories in life are made; it’s also happens to be place where your raise your kids and do barbecues over the weekend. Have a poorly constructed home and you will live to regret it for many years.

There are many materials that go into place in order to have a functional home. Finding the ideal one can be a challenge. That is why we are here. We will be testing various water based products to ensure that the very best is used for your home.

The idea for this website came about when Taylor was constructing a house for his already pregnant wife and first born son. He decided to do things his way and add a personal touch to his house. But, He would purchase an appliance only to discover that it was not the perfect fit or that it became faulty after usage. This was not only frustrating but it was cost him a lot of money and time.

Taylor known for been a go getter, decided to do things his way. From an early age he has always been the one who pushes himself to the limit. Whether it’s skiing in the Alps or going for those long trips on his Harley, Taylor will do what it takes to achieve his goals.  Some people call him an adrenaline junkie but he believes that you are the hero in your own story; so he keeps been one.

After constructing his own home and learning from his mistakes, Taylor decided to help his neighbors purchase some of the best water filters in the market. From there Taylor has become an authority when it comes to home appliances and has helped in the construction of first class homes in his locality.

Getting the best water filter in your home is something non-negotiable. No one can survive without access to clean water. While the market is full of products, choosing the most suitable product can be a challenge. That is why our team of experts is here to provide you with the most insightful reviews. We will take the liberty to research and recommend some of the safest and most suitable water filters for you. Our teams of experts are industry leaders and their opinions are well respected in the industry. So sit back and relax and let us take the driver’s seat.